Sep 20, 2010

Oye! He Asked you a Question. The Whole Story


Chapter 1:

So a few days later we get the impression to go over and he isn't their. Initally a lady answers the door and says she's going to look for roberto, leaves the door open and never returns. Eventually, her husband, Javier, comes out and says, "Roberto isn't up their, she's not coming back", after which we strike up a conversation. Javier told us he grew up in the AA program, like literally. His father worked in it and he would always go. So inheritly he was somewhat religios and a very respectful guy. Eventually we introduced the Book of Mormon through one of the pass along cards and Javier is slighly interested. Then a lady walks up. She's dressed in a red suit and black shirt, kind of how i would pickture the devil, she listens in for a little while and then decides its her time to add her two cents.

It turns out this lady is a paster and goes over to that home 3 or 4 nights a weeks to preach to whoever comes. She says "i can see the light of Christ in your eye's and I just have to let you know, your relgion is false". Elder Dewit and I where jsut sitting there thinking, you have got to be kidding me... we listen to her rant for a moment and elder dewitt says "i feel the spirit of contention here"

By this point Javier is into it. He starts pulling out chairs from his house and invited everyone to sit down and fight for a while. He starts watching closely trying to see what the missionaries are going to do and even goes and gets a soda, so he can enjoy it even more. Javier wants a winner.

After pastor lady's failed attenpt to explain when we felt the spirit of contention she continues repeating "your religion is false," in as many ways as she could. We then pulled a few critical moves on her and took the situation down peacfully, elder dewitt starts talking to the onlookers while i begin distracting the pastor lady. I asked her what church she was from and she said " i believe in God, Jesus Christ and The holy Ghost" and I thought, alright, i can't be contentous, even is she doesn't have a fundemtal of prophets apostols and teachers.

After a little distraction more I asked her, have you read the Book of mormon? she ignored me and continued yelling. I asked her agian. I continued to ask her over and over, until the sixth time were Javier jumps in and says, "Oye, he asked you a question!" I asked agian and she said no.

To be continued...

Well, after that lady said no, it was all game over. The book of mormon defends itself. I asked her agian and she told me that she has friends that know all about it. That is not a good excuse. Javier, by this point was standing up right next to us and when she said no, he knew as well as i that the conversation had ended. I Told her that she would never know unless she read shook some hands and we left.

Sorry brittany, no punches were thrown, nor scriptures. We have been learning a lot about using the book of mormon to defend itself. If you need a refresher on the improtance of the book of mormon, you should watch Elder hollands talk on it. He's pretty bold, he says to get in or out of this church you have to get through the Book of Mormon first. Its a powerful tool, i know it. Its converted me and thousands others.

Chapter 2

We stopped by a few days later and found Javier Julio and roberto sitting outside. Roberto belongs to the same church as the pastor lady and when he saw us comming darted inside saysing "no, no, not today" and waving his finger. Javier and Julio wanted to learn about the book of mormon. We began teaching them a little when roberto comes outside without a shirt on and bible in his hand and says "dime".

After we began with a prayer Roberto starts trying to make points with the scriptures. I think he was trying to contend with us, the problem is that we agreed with everything he said and we listened with love. After a few moments Julio says "what are your doing? this should be reverse, your not the teacher here, its them. they aren't trying to force anything on you"

Just as Roberto begins to explain himself Javier jumps in and starts telling how evil he is for trying to force us to believe. he said "thats not right, what your doing isn't right and what the pastor lady did yesterday isn't right". Then things turned crazy, Julio and Javier just commented on this topic for about 15 min and never gave Roberto a chance to talk. In the end Javier accpeted a book of mormon and was way excited to read it and learn about it, Roberto put a shirt on and apologized, and they all invited us back agian to chat. we told Javier we would stop by in a few days to see how his reading is going.

Chapter 3 is in the process.

Well almost the whole story............

Now our family can't stop saying oye. It''s hillarious.

P.S. Dev can't spell and I don't correct his letters. I love them just the way they are.

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