Oct 25, 2008

Returned from Guatemala

Safe and sound where she has always belonged, Britany's sister-in-law Monica return to Oregon. Waiting for her were her husband, father and younger sister and us of course. It has been 2 very long years for her. The first thing she did after giving us all big hugs was show us her brand new legal visa. Then she told us about her first meal back. It was KFC. She missed fast food so much. What they have is very different there even though they have McD's and Dominos and stuff. It was so good to see her here. She is already worried about all the errands her husband has to take her on starting Monday but I really don't think he minds one bit. We are so happy for them now they can start there lives as a real married couple instead of the occasional visits. I know it was hard for Monica to leave her mother and brother behind but she is looking forward to the future when the whole family can be together. Monica and Jason give us great hope that it won't be too much longer before Britany's husband, Monica's brother, can come home to us too.

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