Mar 30, 2009

I'm Going Where?

It is official. On Saturday Devyn received his mission call. He was able to borrow a web cam so we could all watch him open the envelope! He is going to Ft. Lauderdale, FL mission. His mission, like Derek's is Spanish speaking. He reports to the MTC on June 10. So I guess it will be the girls against the boys in our home. None of the girls speak Spanish. My son-in-law, however, speaks very well. Noel is not so great on speaking but understands it pretty well and now the boys. I guess we girls better do some catching up or we may be left out of a few jokes ;) Mom and Dad are so proud. I always said, Twice blessed, Twice stressed. Now I just feel blessed. I can't begin to imagine the wonderful things he and Derek have to look forward to. Isn't it great that they are both on different ends of the east coast. One in the heat and one in the cold. I see a road trip for mom and dad in ohh lets about 2 years. I may have to spend an extra week or 2 in Florida.

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Britany said...

you know what's funny...devyn makes that same face now...exactly the same...