Aug 19, 2009

Florida Here I Come

I am a little behind in writing this post but better late than never. Elder Devyn Stott is now serving the Lord in sunny Florida. He was able to call home during his lay over in Atlanta. It was in the afternoon so he had to call each of us individually but it was so good to hear from him. Was very happy and excited to meet his mission President. While he was on the plane he took the time to write to us about his MTC experience. I thought I would share a little of that with you.
"I've learned a lot from the MTC. They have been training missionaries for a long time now and I've heard of missonaries who have liked and disliked the MTC. I'm happy to say I am one who liked it." He also says the MTC is a great place to change your mindset from how am I doing to how can I help and sacrifice for others.
We are so proud of our missionaries and the other missionaries and soon to be missionaries in our ward that the twins grew up with. What an amazing time in all of their lives.

Quick update on Derek:

Derek is in an area where he has to drive. Any of you who know Derek well know he is not especially comfortably behind the wheel. He writes that he is presently the primary driver and has learned to parallel park (I'm not even that great at it). He did hint that a Tom Tom might come in handy since the roads are crazy. They have one now but he will not be able to keep it with him when he moves to another area.

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