Oct 23, 2008

Here's Something Interesting

Yesterday I got to see the results of my bone scan. Everything was as expected until the doctor said "Here's something interesting". After pointing out the area on my ribs that we already knew were injured and pointing out how my back was still healing from my car accident a year ago, he pointed out another dark area in my upper sternum and said "This area here is rheumatoid arthritis". What? Um I am only 38. Hew went on to say it was probably already there. Hello, only 38. But that the accident and the airbag had probably made it worse. I was still thinking, um yeah 38. That's not old enough to correspond with rheumatoid arthritis. He did say luckily it was in an area you rarely use. I think I heard everything but I had to keep bring my mind back into the room and stop thinking but I am only 38. Doesn't it count that I act like a kid half the time. I guess not. I guess I should look on the bright side. I am healing and can start doing small exercises. I must say he is great doctor and I am really lucky to have him even if I am only 38.

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