Oct 21, 2008

What Else Can I Break

Have you ever had one of those spells where everything you touch turns to, well not so great.  That was my weekend.  Kate and I went on the big hunt for a Halloween costume.  She decided she wanted to be Minnie Mouse so off to the mall we went.  Of course the Disney store had every size but hers and she had already been or did not want to be any of the other characters there.  So we consoled ourselves with some hot chocolate and headed for the car to consult my handy dandy GPS and were off to the nearest costume shop.  The GPS I think was more confused than us but luckily on the way to who knows where, Kate and I remembered a Halloween shop not far from where we were.  Sweet sucsess or so I thought.  We found the Minnie Mouse costume only to look into those precious hazel eyes and see instantly it wasn't right.  She did not like the top part of the costume.  That was not what Minnie would wear.  Get it right people.  So we continued to look.  Fortunately this was a huge store with everything you can imagine.  After a few times deciding and putting back we found a Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz costume. (We are big fans).  To top it of I found a Glinda the Good Witch Costume.  What a pair we shall be. She in her red slippers and me in my crown.  Then we threw in a few things for dad for good measure.  He is supposed to be Indiana Jones.  We will see if that happens.  Finally we made it home eggar to show off our costumes.  We came in the house shut the garage, or tried to shut the garage, more like broke the garage. The car was stuck in there for the last 2 days.  Noel and the girls finally got it out tonight but I don't think opening the garage again is an option until we get someone to come and fix it.   I guess we will be using the front door a lot more.  I should make sure everyone has a key or I might find some unhappy residents sitting on the porch.....

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