Nov 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

All in all we had a good Halloween. We didn't have a scary spook house like we have had when the boys are here but still we managed. Kate and I were Glinda and Dorothy and Noel was Indiana Jones. We took Kate trick or treating while Grandma Judy held down the fort at home. It was kind of a quiet Halloween for Noel and I. Annie was off doing her thing with a friend and then off to the football game. The house just keeps getting quieter and quieter. I am sure that will all change when the boys come home for Thanksgiving. Saturday we trunk or treated at the church and then hurried home and changed out of my Glinda costume so Noel and I could go out for our 22nd anniversary. Yeah for us. I decided I would get a little dressed up and actually put on heels. Needless to say, I have not worn high heels in a while. A really long while. I must have looked like I was drunk the way I was wobbling around. Despite my wobbling we had a nice long dinner at Hall Street Grill. It was yummy. This morning Devyn and Derek sent me pictures of their Halloween costumes. Derek was an old man, grey hair and all. Devyn was a Chastity Line. Anyone who has gone to BYU will understand that. If you don't ask me. He had a few strangers stop him and ask him to take a picture with him. That is so my boy. Never a shortage of humor and sarcasm between them. That's one of the things I love about them

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