Dec 14, 2008

Let it snow, Liet it no!

So I realize that snow is a treat for us here in the evergreen state. We get to stay home, drink hot choclate with the family and play in the snow. The last part is a favorite of Annie and Ike's. But the timing couldn't be worse for us or should I say, Devyn. Do to the weather in Idaho Devyn spent the night at the airport in Idaho Falls. Finally today he got a flight to Utah, where we hope he is getting on a plane to Portland. Then if he does get here, apparently there is a huge accident on the freeway leading to the airport! Sheesh! So we are not sure if we can even go and pick him up. My brilliant husband did however check the max train and they are still running. I am sure it would be a pain to ride the max with all of his stuff, but at least he could get home. Just in time to have his wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. Sorry Devyn. So if the snow could let up for just a minute or two and the traffic could clear up for an hour or so we would be sitting pretty. That's not to much to ask is it?
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The Hadley Family said...

I hope you get Devyn home safely. Isn't it funny how we long for a good snow around here and then as soon as we get one we remember what a headache it can be. Enjoy your boys while they're home. :)

5xblsd said...

Thank you Joann. It looks like despite being diverted to salt lake and having to wait on stand by all day to get on a plane and now having to ride the max and a shuttle because 26 is closed, he may be home in less than 30 minutes.