Dec 10, 2008

Poor Kitty, Poor Dad

This is Midnight, Britany's cat. Some of us think he possibly should have been name Moneybags or the Million Dollar cat. Last week we noticed a bump on Midnight's shoulder and a little limp so we kept an eye on it. It soon turned into a large bump full of puss and we needed to take him to the vet. Let me preface this by saying this is not the first time this has happened. He has already had 2 surgery/procedures. At the vet it was decided that he had probably been in a fight and his shoulder had been punctured. So he had to have it shaved, drained and a shunt put in. It looked gross. Then the poor guy had to wear this blue plastic poncho like thing, which is better than those cones they used to put on them, but still it was pretty pathetic. He is very meticulous about keeping himself clean and the poncho prevented this, although the poncho stayed very clean. He is also very unhappy about not being able to go outside. Every time someone goes near a door or he hears the garage door opener he runs for the nearest exit. The poncho is off and the shunt is out and he is healing nicely. Let's hope this is the last of his adventures. He is after all 14 and vet bills are not cheap.
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The Hadley Family said...

You are good to your cat. I can only imagine what the vet bill came to (that must be where the "poor dad" part comes from). We recently adopted two kittens and I am praying they don't develop any major illnesses or medical problems. I hope Midnight stays healthy now. :)