Jan 18, 2009

Time is a Funny Thing

Kate and I are home with the 'ickies" today, so I thought I would play catch up. Like I said time is a funny thing. Things at home just seem to fly by and often it is hard to keep up. You blink and your kids grow up and become adults. (How did that happen) But when it comes to things like the boys being away at college, it feels like forever before they will be home for there next visit. Yet when they get here before we know it they are back to school again. Britany and Luis' Visa process is one that feels like it is taking forever. The paperwork and constant requests for more information are never ending. It is the hurry up and wait game. In most things I think you look back and say that really wasn't that long after all. I don't think that this is one of those situations. I can say that because Britany's sister-in-law has returned and it still feels like it took forever. I wonder what it will be like when the twins go on their missions. Two at once. I know double the blessings, but double the boys for mom to miss. I am not sure what Noel will do. I can tell he is severely testosterone deprived already. He keeps trying to convince me to wrestle with him. Ummm, I don't think I am in his weight class. I have a feeling I might loose, even if I did know how to wrestle. Speaking of boys. Derek went to Idaho this weekend to visit his brother. They both have a 3 day weekend. Devyn took Derek to Big Judd's. Not to be out done by his brother, Derek ate the whole burger. Devyn also did for the second time also. He also for the second time had to ask the driver to pull the car over on the ride home because he felt like he was going to loose his cookies. Thank goodness for him and everyone else he didn't. (He didn't last time either). For those of you who are not familiar with Big Judd's, it is a hole in wall burger place that makes burgers the size of a cake pan. I kid you not. They cook the buns in cake pans with enough meat to match and all the fixing plus fries and a drink. If you finish it you used to get your name on the wall. Now I think you have to eat a double or a triple. Anyways it sounds like they are having fun but I will let them keep the weather. It has been in the teens. For the 1st time in his life Devyn is actually wearing a coat. Miracles do happen. So in closing if any of you have a son, husband, etc who has the urge to wrestle send them my way and I will be able to avoid learning the latest wrestling terms and techniques.


dorthyinoz said...

Maybe I should send Miki over for the wrestling - lol, she is good at that and needs the outlet.

Hoppers said...

I lost two this year too! I have one left! I'll send him Noel's way!! Hmmmm....maybe not Noel's weight class either, but close to the boys'!