Jan 26, 2009

So I Have to Explain!

Okay, so we had these amazing family pictures taken (see above) and we came to this really cool wall and Courtney and I had this great idea that it would be funny to have us all put our hands the wall like we had just been busted. As you can see not everyone was with the game. Annie actually did put her hands on the wall for a minute, well less than a minute. Then said what, wait, what are we doing, I'm not doing this. Devyn just looked to the sky knowing that one day this picture could be used as future ammunition. Dad figured what the heck. Britany and I are the only ones who made an effort. And last but not least my Derek always with the sarcasm. He has perfected it so well he doesn't even speak, you can just look at his expression. I do like how he and Annie are looking at each other like are we related to these crazy people. Sorry you are. We will have more photos soon or you can see some of them at courtney site listed on my blog list.


Danielle and the Boys said...

hahahaha....i cannot stop laughing! this is awesome. you should blow this one up really big and frame it. :)

5xblsd said...

I might just do that. I cant resist