Feb 4, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

So apparently this past Sunday there was this big football game call....let me think. Oh yah Superbowl Sunday. Now I say this because I have never been a football mom. I have briefly been a baseball mom and a soccer mom but anyone who know the Stott clan knows we are 110% all about Lacrosse. The twins have played since grade school. So anyways this big day comes and we are minus 2 guys and for some odd reason my sweet husband thinks that I might want to sit and watch it with him. Ummm no and miss out on some serious nap time. I don't think so. After several attempts of following me from TV to TV he gave up and finally watched the game all alone. Now I know since Devyn and Derek have left for college he has been greatly out numbered by girls 4 to 1 (Hurry up Luis and get home) and has taken many an estrogen induced moment and has handled them quite well. He's a trooper. But Sunday I think it really nailed to the ground. OK, I felt sorry for him sitting there all alone but I just couldn't. Don't judge me. The boys on the other hand fared it pretty well. Devyn or Casanova should I say, got a group of guys and went over to the girls dorms and the girls cooked for them while they watched the game. Derek had an appointment with his Bishop (that's one devoted Bishop) to get some paperwork signed so he can turn in his mission papers when the time comes. Hey I don't make him go bra shopping or teach him how to sew (I do make him watch the PBR, oops) so I think I am okay. Its okay Dad one day it will be just you and me and we'll say Good Job ;)

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