Feb 15, 2011

The Mighty Miami South Zone

I have something you can post up on the board. Its not very interesting to normal eye's, but Elder Golden is coming and he asked for this report. So here you go, you can ready through it and ask questions as you please:
The Mighty Miami South Zone Report

Our keys to success are simple.

We have seen tremendous success in unifying in goals through our district leaders. As zone leaders we keep communication flowing through our district leaders. We avoid any sort of zone text and we give our district leaders the opportunity to take charge of informing there districts. We communicate by phone twice weekly and several messages are sent out by text. District leaders understand that they are responsible for informing there districts.

In this form we have achieved our most recent goal of 50 new investigators for the week of January 23rd to January 30th. To achieve this goal we asked each companionship to be accountable and think of what they will do. Generally this was done every Tuesday in District Training and Thursday in weekly planning. We achieved out goal and reached 55 new investigators the week prior and then 65 new investigators the week of the 23rd to 30th.

We are currently focusing on re-establishing our new investigators goal. Our goal is to have 55 new investigators for the week of February 21st to February 27th. (That is next week.)

The standards of excellence in the Great Florida Fort Lauderdale mission are to get 28 new investigators every month and two baptisms. In the Mighty Miami South Zone we plan to follow that pattern and establish new investigators that will lead us to 30 Baptisms in May.

Again the charge of our district leaders is to be their districts best friend. They will be there to make sure application is happening and their districts know and feel accountable to the zone goal.

We acknowledge that we have received a lot of great opportunities and trainings. God has blessed us with what we need to do. We will follow his direction, be obedient and show our love to Him in His inspired way.

Elder Stott and Elder Stevens
The Mighty Miami South Zone

Elder Dewitt                             Elder Kenningtion                                 Elder Wardle
The Mighty Miami South Zone District Leaders

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