Feb 25, 2011

You Want Unity? You Got It!

So It May Seem Like Favortism But You Have to Admit You Don't Hear of This Happening Often if Ever!

From Devyn's e-mail this week:

The exciting news of the week is that the entire Miami South Stake got reorganized. We had stake conference. Our stake president stood up, spoke about unity and explained the changes. It was a surprise to almost everyone. The best Part was when he said, "now out of necesity, you are all released from your callings". I've never seen a stake president release everyone over the pulpit. The only people who remain in there callings where a few stake officers. It made the room erupt in commotion. Elder Golden attended in the stead of Elder Boyd K. Packer. They reorganized the stake so that there are no longer English and Spanish wards anymore. This is the first stake that this has been done. Live translation will be provided and anyone can speak english or spanish, whichever they are most comfortable with. Which makes me and the other Member of the Might Miami South Zone the first bilingual missionaries ever- as far as i know. Because we are actually called to teach to anyone in any language we meet, even Creole or German. Its pretty exciting.
  They changed all of the boundaries, so we had to transfer a few missionaries and shift some records. They made our area humongous and renamed it to sunset. Its made for a lot of coordination and work this last week for everyone, including the bishops. All of the new callings will be extended next sunday. The direction from the stake president is to put the best people in la obra misional. Elder Golden promised us that the change would bring an increased amount of baptisms and a higher retention rate. I agree, it cuts down on travel time significantly. 
President is telling us he will split our area as soon as he gets enough missionaries to do so. The work load we are holding shows that the area is ready. Now that it is bigger it will be easier to split.

Con Amor
Elder Stott
The Mighty Miami South Zone

This is his brother's (Derek) 2 bits:

That is pretty crazy about the huge changes in your mission Elder Stott. The area you are in now is much like the spanglish area I was in, live translating and we taught everyone. It was fun but it was a little bit dificult because my companions didn't speak spanish so we ended up doing more english work than spanish just to let my companion teach as well. 
Les quiero mucho,
Elder Stott

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