Oct 14, 2008

Smile for the scanner

Today I had the pleasure and I do mean pleasure of having a bone scan.  I have what is called costochodritis.  Try saying that 3 times fast.  When I told my friend I had that she said "What? Your going to Costco?"  I wish.  Really it is when the tendons conected to your rib cartilage swells and causes tears in your cartilage.  The bone scan is just to make sure there are no fractures in my ribs.  First they inject you with a dye and then you come back a few hours later and they contort you into some uncomfortable positions and poof your bones are scanned.  It was a fairly simple procedure but I must say I am a bit sore tonight.  Nothing a little sleep and Advil won't cure.

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Anonymous said...

I just had a bone scan for costochondritis myself. Did yours come out positive? They said my bone scan was negative but my ribs are still killing me and now I am totally confused. Just curious to see how someone else fared....thanks!